About Third Eye Home Watch Agency

John Gravina


At Third Eye Home Watch Agency, we bring over 40 years of experience owning and managing homes and over 20 years of being entrusted with homes. In 2022, we moved to Port St. Lucie, in the Treasure Coast of Florida. We have seven children, four grandchildren and a dog. We also share the fact that we are both the middle of nine children. We come from large, strong valued families, and certainly understand life’s challenges. We both enjoy boating, golf, pickle ball and cooking. One of our passions is to be community orientated. We volunteer for several charitable organizations and have served on various boards in several positions.

John retired from the New York City Police Department Intelligence Division after serving over 20 years and retired as a Sergeant. His duties included conducting investigations in narcotic and firearm trafficking, anti-terrorism, and executive protection. John also did emergency management within his positions at the NYPD. His passion for serving and helping people continues. After retiring from the Police Department, John obtained his Private Investigators License and started a Private Investigation firm. He continued doing executive protection, including senators and celebrities as well as assisted in writing and teaching law enforcement techniques.

Cindy has an Executive MBA and over 35 years of experience in the construction industry including on and offsite hurricane and storm response to restore power for various utility companies on the eastern seaboard. Cindy left as Vice President to begin her own management consulting business. After 10 years in NY assisting small to medium business in establishing best business practices, attracting skilled workforce, and growth opportunities, we decided to move to the Sunshine State.

Our decision to open a Home Watch company was an easy one; it is a perfect fit. Our education, skills, values, and personal experiences while owning and operating multiple residences.  In today’s world, people need to find trustworthy companies to perform a visual inspection of their property to ensure no obvious issues are occurring. No one wants to come home to find mold, appliances not working and food spoilage, leaks, or insect or rodent infestations, to name a few. If an issue is revealed, Third Eye Home Watch Agency will meet your contractor and save the expense of a return trip. The peace of mind that your home or property is being visually being checked will minimize any surprises upon your return from vacation or other residence.

Cindy Haugland