Third Eye Home Watch Agency Services

Third Eye Home Watch Agency is owned and operated by people who care about your home. Owners that care enough to seek accreditation from the National Home Watch Association. Homes are expensive and you want to protect them. John and Cindy bring integrity, knowledge, and expertise with them at all times. Your home could not be in better hands.

These days customer service may be lacking elsewhere, but not at Third Eye Home Watch Agency.  It’s paramount to us and our success. Like mothers always say, “treat others how you would want to be treated”. At Third Eye Home Watch Agency we treat our customers with courtesy, respect, and honesty.

When you hire Third Eye Home Watch Agency, you are getting the best of the best! You can expect nothing less. We pride ourselves on our reputation which is impeccable. We raise the bar because you deserve the best!

Home Watch:

We perform a visual inspection of your home for obvious issues.

We will walk the perimeter of your property and outside of your home and visually inspect:

  • the windows and doors for damage or break-ins.
  • the water main for leaks.
  • the gutters for damage and leaks.
  • the pool for water level.
  • the pool for neglect or damage.
  • check the mailbox for mail.
  • remove any flyers, newspapers or advertisements left.

We will visually inspect the inside of your home we will:

  • verify that the security system is operating.
  • check the circuit breaker panel for any tripped breakers.
  • run water through faucets, flush toilets and check for leaks.
  • check the refrigerator and freezer for current temperatures.
  • visually inspect each room for leaks and insects and rodents.
  • check the air conditioning unit is working.
  • check the humidity level.

We provide a detailed written report of our inspection which includes a checklist and pictures documenting our visit and findings.

Upon discovering an issue, you will be contacted, and the issue will be documented in detail in the written report. We will assist you in resolving the issue.


  • We will open your home for your arrival.
  • We will close your home upon your departure.
  • We will stock your refrigerator with your groceries so you will be all set when you arrive!
  • We will meet with your cleaners to provide them with access to perform their services.
  • We will meet with your vendors when necessary to monitor their work and report back to you their progress.

We are happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us to see how!

Hurricane and Storm services:

Hurricanes and storms are quick moving and dangerous.  Your home should be protected.


  • We can move your outdoor furniture inside your home or garage.
  • Remove perishable foods from your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Take pictures of your home, and property if applicable.
  • If you have hurricane shutters, we can contact your vendor and arrange for them to be closed.


  • Visit the property when its safe to do so and accessible.

  • Take photos.

  • Check power for outages.

  • Check circuit breaker panel for any tripped breakers.

  • When determined by the owner that it is safe to do so, put the outdoor furniture back outside.

  • If damages are identified, contact necessary vendors upon the client’s approval.

  • Meet vendor(s) to allow access to the home for vendor to perform the repairs and monitor their progress.

  • We will also meet with insurance adjusters when claims are filed.

Blocked AC Drain

Leaking Roof



Home Watch Reporting 

At Third Eye Home Watch Agency we are committed to “step above” service.  One way we do this is by using HomeWatchIT.  This software allows us to provide a detailed report to our customers, which includes pictures, so they can have the peace of mind they deserve that their home is being watched with the utmost care. You can rest assured that Third Eye Home Watch Agency uses current best practices which include aligning themselves with companies with the same business ethics. HomeWatchIT also allows us to keep and maintain records for our customers, which is very helpful in the event of an issue. The software is encrypted so it’s secure.  We do not include personal data in the report to protect their privacy.